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We delivery high quality Japanese supplement, 

cosmetics, ecology goods to the world quality from “Made in Japan”

1. OEM Major process

At FUJI-IN we leverage the functions of every department, from research and planning to manufacturing, analytical technologies, to support customers every step of the way, including formula design and test applications, in considering contract manufacturing from the product development phase. 

As a dietary supplement OEM we have developed the capacity to respond to every customer need.

We handle everything from high valued-added sales proposals to the development of technology to process a wide array of ingredients. Our fully-integrated production system and quality assurance system allow us to formulate, process and fill a variety of products. We constantly conduct research and development in an effort to boost our ability to meet customer needs.

1stop OEM


Why FUJI-IN  ?

Advantage 1

We make the manufacturing of all styles of products possible tablets, granules, hard capsules, soft capsules or drinks, we have the equipment for every formula.

Fluidized bed granulation dryer

Fluidized bed granulation dryer

Powder, thing overall responsible for the mixing give both the motion-granulation, coating and drying of liquidity and rolling

 (rolling) to the particles (blown up) in one.

In conventional fluidized bed, the apparatus that enables coating of difficult microparticles (20μm ~) powder, needs no bag filter can also be addressed in a coating granulation safety with high combustible solvent. Furthermore, a device can be greatly shortened collection rate of up, stable cycle time of mixing, granulating and coating maintaining the fluidity by the introduction of the re-cyclone systems.


Advantage 2

We have achieved low cost, high-speed manufacturing with the fully-integrated manufacturing lines in our own plants.

Fast kneading and mixing machine

Fast kneading and mixing machine

By the action of the granulation blade rotating at a high speed in a cylindrical tank, such as mixing, granulating and kneading is possible with a single. After high speed mixing the powder, compressed by the pressurized fluid, shear, are granulated instantly by the spiral kneading, in the mixing of such ingredients, high-ratio (10,000: 1) can be mixed. In addition, the difference in specific gravity (8: 1) is large mixing can be in a short period of time device.


Advantage 3

Total support means that we put our track record in dietary supplement development and sales to work to make thorough and effective proposals and provide sales support.

Advantage 4

We provide full sales support including packaging and promotional tools.

Select the appropriate method from manufacturing and processing to package ring, We will continue to provide product manufacturing that you can satisfy.

Of course, raw materials supply is at Fujiin, it is possible to support all until the necessary packaging materials in the manufacturing process.

【Product lot, it will be different by each of the processing contents and conditions.】

●Raw material arrangements (excluding special)

●Selection of the machining shape

●Arrange containers and cosmetic box label film

We provide full sales support including packaging and promotional tools.


Advantage 5

We can handle both high-mix low-volume production and mass production.
With all of our manufacturing equipment in our own plants, we can be flexible.

Advantage 6

Our quality assurance system is directly built into our manufacturing plants.

Quality control equipment FUJI-IN

Incubator (incubator)

Incubator (incubator)

High-performance liquid  chromatography

High-performance liquid

Disintegration tester

Disintegration tester

Hardness meter

Hardness meter

Tightly also supports small-lot OEM Pursuit for the first time possible from trial

"This product is I want to make! But, cost is ....", "I want to try because it is a new idea, But the cost ...." 

When developing the product, such as, you often hear this voice. If the test sale of the OEM or PB in the small lot, you useless even worry about that! Of course, "safety and peace of mind quality" is as it is, and then accept it in bulk on request.

Small lot OEM can respond because FUJI-IN

■ I want to explore the various possibilities in small lots

Be one of the items, "the amount of taste, shape, scent," consumers, etc. will be sensitive to.
Make some of the prototype if you make a small lot, you can see the reaction.

■ Healthy food Industry want to go carefully because new entrants

"Core business but have separately, now a healthy food" to companies like to be you think, first, we recommend a small lot OEM.
When everything is also gradually increased we believe that it is important.

■ We want as much as possible reduce the risk of stock

Not even when you sell if you create products, companies like to be you would like to lower the "risk of the stock" is also not a few.
It leads to be suppressed as much as possible the risk at the time of the emergency, if a small lot.

■ I want to see the trend early in a short delivery time

Another benefit of the small lot, delivery time is there is a slightly from the amount is small, but there is also to be able to soon.
Also said that one of the means small lot to see the reaction of quick consumer.

■ We do not want to drop quality in a small lot

Even if we production unchanged quality of goods in small lots. We will support in the quality desired by the company.

To OEM health food, but there are a variety of constraints, Support your company on the basis of the many years of know-how

We received a variety of questions Upon the OEM. In particular, in the case of health food for the first time, "the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law," "Premiums and Representations Act" and so on, we see a case that is proceeding without knowing a thing legal. Not dispensed in the "did not know!".

Firmly support your company with many years of experience and know-how if FUJI-IN.

That I want you should know before you begin the OEM

■ Do you know the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law?

Health food is not a medicine.
You can view the effect efficacy, to be described in detail, such as how to drink is in conflict with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, you might be punished.

■ How much it is or would be appropriate order lot?

Minimum lot, but is from the 3000 or so if the normal product, It is possible to produce from 100 if a small lot OEM.

※ depends on the raw materials and manufacturing process.

■How do I decide the shape and weight?

Products that come finished in raw materials and processing will have changed.
I decided to finish quantity of the commodity from the items of your choice, do the arrangements of raw materials, will guide the production of at an optimal cost.

■ Is there a direction not suitable for the combination of the material?

You or received a request such as "I want to add a C to A and B because this function you want, " but not necessarily be realized. There are also compatibility with the combination of the material.
FUJI-IN, look for the formulation of the material in order to respond to requests from many years of experience.

■ Do you think how much Estimated delivery?

No matter how simple material, because there is such as processing machinery arrangements from the raw material of the arrangements, a few weeks at a minimum is required.
Also, make a prototype, time and can see the change with the passage of time is such thing.
However, in order to meet your company like your request, we try to manufacture in the shortest as possible.

Quality control items of FUJI-IN

Quality control items of FUJI-IN